Outdoor ceiling fan buy guide: Tips to purchase a tropical outdoor ceiling fan


Outdoor ceiling fan buy guide

The majority of the ceiling fans only uses electricity as a small light bulb and can accumulate money on cooling and heating convenience in the winter and summer season. In summer season, air circulation with a fan can make the warmth feel up to seven degrees cooler and also diminish the home electricity bills up to 40%. In winter, air circulation with a fan can be made in reverse mode; this shoves the warm air towards the ceiling and reduces the heating cost as about 10%. When selecting a ceiling fan, Size, motor performance, room space all these factors matters when purchasing a ceiling fan. To help customers now a day in the market there are many outdoor ceiling fan buy guides are available.

Some of the major tips when purchasing an outdoor ceiling fan

When mounting a ceiling fan, the size of the room is one of the major considerations. The larger the room size, the longer the size of the fan blades and high performance motor is needed for the movement of air. If it is a family room or the living room, it prefers the fan blade of about 50 to 55 inches in length. For the medium or the small room, 48 inch fan blades are more than enough.

Secondly, you need to choose the weather model style of the outdoor ceiling fans. For the locality with no rain exposures, then go with damp rated fans. For the areas that incidence heavy rainfall throughout out the year, definitely at that time you need to select wet owed ceiling fans. Fans positioned in the outdoor areas should be sheltered from all the weather conditions, not to be exposed to water under any conditions. And areas must have three walls for wind protection for the longer durable of fans. Hence for the safety precautions, you can mount the fan with interior fan outdoors. But these will nonetheless be permitted by particular weather conditions.

Thirdly, select the good style of your fan to furnish your home. The blades are frequently particular that makes the ceiling fan hot. It is better if you select the fan matching with your interior home designs and furniture. All these information will be given the outdoor ceiling fan buy guide.

A ceiling fan with a light fitting integrated into it is suitable for use as the main source of light in a room. A remote control is an optional extra which allows you to conveniently control the action and the lighting of the fan.

Ceiling fans are an ideal way to enrich the look of your home. Hence for more impartial info and reviews about the ceiling fans you need to refer an outdoor ceiling fan buyer guide.





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